PRINTED Sublimation Transfer or Vinyl Print: Milk Milk Sugar Certified Printer-Mushroom Magik 16oz Summer Sublimation Print

Type: Sublimation Transfer
Product Description

You can purchase and easily make a cup for yourself or you can use these to make sell the finished product commercially.


▪️ SUBLIMATION PRINT/TRANSFER: Printed on a commercial sublimation printer and can be used on anything that you would normally qualify for use of sublimation techniques.
Examples: Tumblers, Mugs, Wine glasses, clothing, totes, coasters, etc.
Notes: Translucent- whatever the color of the object is will show through the design. Please see pictures for example.

▪️ VINYL TRANSFER: Printed on a commercial UV printer. These are designed to go on any hard surfaces.
Examples: Tumblers, drinkware, cars, computers, phone cases, notebooks, keychains, bookmarks, mirrors etc.
Notes: Our designs are either printed on white adhesive or we lay a layer of white down if we’re printing on clear adhesive to make your design pop and true to color no matter the object's color. Please see pictures for examples.

We love doing wholesale options for your boutiques and stores! Send me an email of what you are looking for and I’ll send you pricing!


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▪️ Disclaimer:
By purchasing this listing you understand that this is NOT a finished product but a supply to make a finished product. Please do not purchase unless you have the proper equipment to use.

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PRINTED Sublimation Transfer or Vinyl Print: Milk Milk Sugar Certified Printer- Mushroom Magik Tumbler, Happy Tumbler, Summer Tumbler, Black Tumbler, Party Tumbler, Fun Tumbler, Vacation Tumbler, Outline Tumbler, Mushroom Tumbler, Kid's Tumbler, Women's Tumbler, Cute Girly Tumbler, Everyday Tumbler, Seasonal 16oz 

Type: Sublimation Transfer