A Sayers & Co. Exclusive Collection


Sasha Piton is a public speaker, story teller, a certified self-love coach, and a content creator. She shares all things life, weaving in her experiences with spiritual health, emotional health, and self acceptance. Using humor to tell stories, Sasha brings a unique perspective while empowering you to tap into your own experiences and find healing.

Sasha learned the value of emotional healing after finding herself in unhealthy friendships and patterns for years. Her dedication to therapy, light work, and meditation inspired her to get certified as a life coach and a transformation coach so she could help others find and use the tools she wished she had years before. When she created her platform she wanted a space where people could think differently but feel welcome. She often uses the phrase “You Can Sit With Me” to inspire those in her communities to always add a chair to our tables so that we can learn and find healing together. 

Sasha’s career started in management emphasizing in training & development, but shifted after she fell in love with content creation. She took a risk and left her corporate job so that she could create an online community as a self love advocate and to mentor one on one. Now it’s expanded to many platforms and to tens of thousands of women. She’s hosted retreats and spoken at dozens of women’s conferences and empowerment events. She’s been featured in the New York Times, the Washington post, and was on the cover of the Idaho Falls magazine in their wellness edition for her work in emotional and spiritual health. “Yes, hurt people, hurt people. But I believe healed people, heal people. So let’s all heal our shit”